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If you are bringing a larger crowd, We suggest you get in touch to avoid dissapointment. Any Questions? We would love to hear from you.

Send us a message:


Located right in the thick of it.

Located in the Marq*E Entertainment Center just off the Katy freeway. Follow the glowing shamrock to Houston’s hottest new bar.  With over 18 TV’s and a Big Screen – we will be showing every game possible. 


Address | Marq*E Entertainment Center 7620 Katy Fwy

Unit 350 Houston TX 77024 


Email | info@hughoconnors.com


Phone | 832 430 4961 


Your new local.

Our newest location is now up and running. Follow the glowing shamrock to the newest bar in the Hugh O’Connors franchise.


Address | 1127 Eldridge Pkwy Ste 600 77077 


Email | info@hughoconnors.com


Phone | 832 982 3598